Discount: -20% on minigolf tickets, Ladder golf, Discgolf and the Golf simulator


Adventure Golf - Play the most entertaining mini-golf in the world! Experience the 17 special effects tracks that are waiting for you!
Experience the most entertaining and unique golf tournament in the world. There are 17 trails with special effects that can take you on an adventure in the jungle, and among amazing Estonian sights and legends. Just like golf, the one who gets the ball into the hole with the fewest strokes is the winner. 

Discgolf - Whether you have been a fan of discgolf for a long time or if you have not yet discovered the magic of the game – our unique throwing tunnels with special effects will whisk you away on an adventure! Mood lighting and moving baskets provide a unique and exciting experience. The scoring is maintained by an automatic system so you can just focus on enjoying the game.

Golf Simulator - Play on the world’s most famous golf courses without even leaving Estonia! State-of-the-art Full Swing golf simulators offer realistic playing conditions and allow you to hone your skills just as you would on a natural course. This “real” golf game is also great to play with company. If you want to experience a serious workout, you can even ask us for a coach for guidance.